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    Georgia is located at the intersection of Europe & Asia. The country was once known as the Soviet Republic. Georgia is considered an excellent destination to study MBBS, especially for Indian students. As the Top Medical Universities in Georgia provide every facility (both academic & personal) at a very low cost, that’s why students prefer Georgia to pursue MBBS over other options abroad.

    STUDY MBBS In China

    China is believed to be one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Apart from that China is also in high demand for acquiring quality Medical Education. China is an appropriate country for International students to study MBBS. The country has a list of Top Medical Universities providing quality education to the students from across the globe. Students can easily get MBBS admission in Top Medical Universities of China.


    Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe that comprises of Stalinist architecture, primaeval forests and grand fortifications. The country is also known for its Top Medical Universities that offers quality education at a feasible cost. Medical Universities in Belarus welcome international students without any additional entrance tests as well as donations.

    STUDY MBBS IN Armenia

    Armenia is located in Western Asia, Armenian Highlands. The country has seen a striking growth in the field of medical education. International students get more advantage as the Top Medical Universities in Armenia provide them with a high-quality education at a very low cost. Also, the students who study MBBS in Armenia can practice their medical career.