easy admissions

We are working in collaboration with many overseas companies and HR consultants to offer the best PR and job options to our clients. We provide excellent services .our clients to help them secure minimum required band for VISA application. 

We offer total end to end solutions to our clients; from Visa applications to final settlement in foreign country. We have a successful track record for PR and Overseas Placements. We are one of the top rated agencies in the core area of PR. 

We have successfully places hundreds of clients to various countries like USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Poland, Norway, China, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan etc.

we make placement decisions based on exchange space available at each host institution and academic fit for the student. Exchange applicants can expect to receive their placement notification within 3-5 weeks of the priority deadline.

Applicants, there is no limit to the number of program spaces available, so chances of placement are excellent provided you meet the program requirements. Direct applicants can expect to receive their placement notification within 1-2 weeks of submission, following the priority deadline.

Easyadmissions placement notification, your next step is to complete a course list for your host institution. The course list helps us make sure that the program is a good academic fit for you. It is important to remember that your ISEP course list is tentative, and it is not a guarantee of registration in specific courses. You should be sure to list plenty of alternative course options that will work for you.