Student responsibility occurs when students take an active role in their learning by recognizing they are accountable for their academic success. Student responsibility is demonstrated when students make choices and take actions which lead them toward their educational goals.

Students in Classrooms coordinate a number of outreach schemes that support pupils and make a difference in local schools and colleges. By taking part, you will act as positive role model who supports pupil attainment and character development, whilst increasing awareness of higher education and the opportunities it can offer.

Whatever your future career plans, the schemes we offer will boost your CV, enhance your employability skills and enrich your University experience, all whilst you’re getting paid

Select the subject that you are interested in and find helpful resources that will assist your learning in the classroom.
You will find tutorials, notes, vocabulary, practice quizzes, experiments, videos, and other great educational resources that align with the standards being taught in the classroom. We hope you enjoy your experience

Classroom participation is a feature of many course designs. 
It can result in insightful comments and interesting connections being made by students, and can foster a high level of energy and enthusiasm in the classroom learning environment.

Although the cost of university varies across different subjects and is partially dependent on whether the course is classroom, laboratory or clinically based, the results published by Times Higher Education show the cheapest universities in the UK averaged for each type of course.

Classes meet daily in the morning, and again on three afternoons each week, and may require up to three additional hours for out-of-class assignments, but outside the classroom, students participate in popular social and academic activities across campus and in the residence halls – all provided free of charge, and available 

As a Students in Classrooms Learning Advocate you will provide support in a local primary or secondary classroom throughout the spring term.  Your role will be to offer support to classroom teachers which could involve helping groups of pupils with class work, working one-to-one with pupils, or helping with planning and preparation of lessons. This scheme is ideal for students considering teaching or education as a potential career.