Easy Admissions by a team of highly qualified personnel investing their acumen for the good of the people approaching them with a passion of acquiring excellence in career through quality education in the best education institutes Mbbs Admission Abroad.

The sense of responsibility of this magnitude pushes aside all considerations attributed to a business enterprise during the counseling and discussion sessions. While taking care of our guests, our team plays a role of well-wisher and guide. We explore the minds, we read the brain, we analyze the preferences and we evaluate the substance before suggesting available suitable options. And it works. The ultimate is delivered.
The process of finalizing the things may take time but our executives will never deviate from their love for putting smiles on the faces of our guests. This makes us indispensable.
Just drop-in and feel the distinction. Easy Admissions gives you every chance to celebrate the best selection with least exertion Mbbs Admission Abroad

Mbbs Admission Abroad

Exploring the options available to a student based on his/her personal requirements we provide free of cost counselling to carve out the best options available to the student to peruse their education Mbbs Admission Abroad.

Educating the student and their family about the country and university that has been selected in the first step. Providing the student with every necessary information about the University.

Expression is the most important value we humans posses. We rely on your expression, your feedback about your experience with us and the services we provided and work in coordination of further requirements coming out of this interaction.
We are here to counsel and assist students in the planning and preparation for their further Mbbs Admission Abroad medical study.
Easy Admissions represents quality education,discipline and professionalism in Mbbs Admission Abroad medical education.
Easy Admissions wants to step in and open the doors to foreign universities for Indian students wanting to study medicine. We will provide complete guidance and assistance to students right from admission, visa processing to students being taken care of once they reach their destination

Easy Admissions is rightly situated in Udaipur, beckoning medical knowledge seekers from all over the world, promising them a learning home. We make sure that the student goes through proper rounds of Counselling under our expert counsellors, so that we can understand the psyche of the student and suggest him/her the right country to study.

Our Team of experienced professional counsellors is at your service. Call or visit us at our main office in Udaipur on any working day of the week, including Saturdays.

Mbbs Admission Abroad

Our mission is to create a bridge with these different land masses enabling students to study abroad and beyond their physical reach. With the help of this bridge they can establish their reach in every part of this globe.

Our Vision is to reach as many education institutions across the globe that shall enable us to assist our student for the best education as per their desires and also the knowledge of the field of interest they have in.

Easy Admissions MBBS Abroad Study Consultancy is one of the pioneer consultants who offer students the opportunity to study in most of the reputed universities all over the globe.

We are appointed/authorized by various Universities to propagate and promote education faculties to students of various countries and to act as a guiding force to prospective student.

Easy Admissions MBBS Study Abroad Consultancy counsellor’s helps you to select the right university across the world according to the need and requirement of the student. We evaluate your academic documents to make sure it is as per the norms specified by the University where you have applied.

It has come to the notice of the Medical Council of India that some agents are providing misleading / false / fabricated information to the Indian Nationals who are desirous of taking admission in MBBS or its equivalent course in a University / Institution located outside India with regard to the fee structure, recognition / approval of the particular medical university / institution, duration of the course etc.

The public at large is advised that before taking admission in MBBS or its equivalent course in a university outside India, confirmation of the fee structure and duration of the course should be directly obtained from the University / Institution concerned.

Mbbs Admission Abroad

As far as status of recognition of a particular university / institution is concerned, it is informed that as per clause 4 (1) of the Screening Test Regulation, 2002, any primary medical qualification which is confirmed by the Indian Embassy concerned to be a recognized qualification for enrolment as medical practitioner in the country in which the institution awarding such qualification is located, can be considered to be a recognized medical qualification by the Medical Council of India for the purposes of issuance of Eligibility Certificate, entitle a candidate to appear in the Screening test and grant of provisional / permanent registration by the concerned State Medical Council. Therefore, the candidates are concerned hereby advised to confirm the status of the medical qualification and its awarding university / institution from the Indian Embassy concerned and / or from the Medical Council of i

Based on the information received from the Indian Embassy / High Commission of India concerned, the list of foreign universities / institutions as approved / recognized by the authorities concerned in respective countries is given below: –

It is further informed that the Medical Council of India has neither appointed nor authorized any Agent / Broker / Lisioning Officer for admission of students into any medical course in India and abroad.

Why Choose Us :

MBBS Admission Abroad is without a doubt far affordable than MBBS in India. As we have just talked about how the seats in the building schools have expanded definitely which has changed the state of medicinal in India in the blog-ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA TO MBBS Admission Abroad. In India, consistently, lakhs of corrective understudies show up in the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) however just 5-7 percent of these individuals are qualified to get a medicinal seat. ` “

A not very many get confirmation in the administration healthful schools as the rest head towards the private therapeutic organization or college in the nation, which implies a large number of issues. There is likewise a measure of individuals, who just dream of examining MBBS and getting to be specialist however the charge structure of private medical universities is only unreasonably expensive to them and not every person can clear the NEET test and get confirmation in the administration therapeutic schools as there is a great deal of distinction between the number of understudies who show up in the test and the accessibility of seat. 

The most effortless easy choice for all the healthful applicants is seeking after the MBBS Admission Abroad. There are several nations like Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Georgia, Russia, who keep up the top of the line benchmarks in both training and business. This implies all understudies will get the advantages of having a world-class personnel, superb instruction, launched framework and examining the most recent educational program; also, universal introduction and hands-on viable preparing. In this way, if we pick an abroad goal to consider MBBS, we can have the accompanying points of interest. Thus, we should take a gander at the reasons why you ought to incline toward therapeutic or  MBBS Admission Abroad.


All around Recognized Degree

 Majority of the Medical organizations and Universities in Countries Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Georgia, Russia, are perceived by MCI, WHO and other administering specialists, that implies in the event that you complete your MBBS admission abroad nations like these, the degree you will procure subsequent to finishing your investigation will be acknowledged everywhere throughout the world, it will have that equivalent significant everywhere on the Earth and that likewise mean you can return to your nation and practice your examination. You will have global instruction with MCI and WHO endorsement and each class will give an advancing background to the understudy that will consequently improve the hypothetical information of the medicinal hopeful. 

Better Employment Opportunities 

MBBS admission abroad will open the entryway of chances for you where you can win a rewarding pay and advantages. Managers consider the abroad admission and worth the capability. In the wake of finishing the MBBS if your arrangements incorporate returning to India, your abroad MBBS degree will be a preferred position to you and it will likewise going to add weight to your CV. Along these lines, you will have a protected profession with a degree that is as of now endorsed MCI, WHO and other administering experts what’s more of great instruction and worldwide investigation. 

Reasonable Fee Structure 

We have just talked about in a considerable lot of our web journals that the expense structure of examining MBBS in nations like Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia is more moderate than in India. As a rule, the Fee Structure all around of every Medical College of Foreign Countries like Russia, China, Georgia, Philippines, Ukraine, lies in a similar bandwidth of 3000 USD – 6000 USD per Annum. MBBS admission abroad is currently turned into an attainable dream which won’t simply improve your space learning, it will likewise prepare your character yet also give you a choice of returning to local city and rehearsing prescription. In this way, in a lower charge structure, you will have better points of interest and prepping. 

Down to earth Experience 

MBBS admission abroad offers the understudy huge functional introduction during the residency of their medicinal program. While discussing nations like China, we as a whole realize that these are the most crowded nation; consequently, with the large number of patient inflow, the medicinal understudy will get an immense down to earth presentation. The examination won’t just about the hypothetical courses, it will incorporate fascinating and advancing useful training. Thusly, you will get the required presentation before turning into a specialist, formally that will support your profession openings. 

Agreeable and Safe Environment 

All nations like Russia, China, Georgia, Philippines, Ukraine offer a protected and agreeable condition for all Indian and universal understudies. Restorative school offers an exuberant and charming condition for understudies to encourage new fellowships. On the off chance that we talk about the wellbeing and insurance abroad, particularly on the off chance that we talk about the lady’s security and assurance, let us illuminate you that ladies, particularly indigenous ladies, are exceptionally protected abroad because they are under steady observation. Every single therapeutic college abroad offer agreeable settlement to every single Indian understudy. The accessibility of Indians in practically all nations abroad, so Indian understudies ought not stress over getting Indian nourishment.


Free Personalized Counseling

We have a group of exceptionally prepared advocates. They will help you in choosing the best nation to achieve your restorative vocation. You will be completely advised about the whole procedure of getting confirmations and offices that will be given while you study MBBS in Abroad. Our solid organization with the Top Medical Universities in Abroad empowers us to benefit some extraordinary administrations like Scholarships and Easy Admissions Process for our understudies.

Admission and Visa Assistance

After coordinated guiding, we continue with the confirmation system in the University chosen by the understudy. Our help will doubtlessly assist you with completing your confirmation method with no inconvenience. 

Additionally, our organization with representatives of outside nations causes us to guarantee you an issue free visa process. We guarantee substantial travel authorizations for our understudies. We give visa directing, visa document development help and counterfeit guidance from our master visa advisors to encourage the understudies.

MBBS abroad – As we realize that restorative instruction in India is very costly. Numerous understudies pass up on the opportunity of seeking therapeutic courses because of high education costs. This situation has prompted understudies heading abroad for increasingly moderate courses in drug since various nations offer brilliant restorative instruction requiring little to no effort.  The therapeutic colleges in these nations pursue the global educational plan. The colleges in these nations are affirmed by the real associations, for example, the World Health Organization (WHO) and are likewise recorded under the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Mbbs Abroad

MBBS Abroad – Why study MBBS abroad?

Understudies can get therapeutic instruction at reasonable costs (INR 15-25 Lakh). 

By and large, no gift expenses are required to get admitted to restorative schools abroad. 

No passageway test is required to get affirmation in restorative schools abroad. 

Accessibility of the world-class framework is additionally the significant motivation behind why understudies need to seek after restorative investigations abroad. 

Understudies find the opportunity to collaborate with understudies originating from various nations, ethnicity, and foundation in the top therapeutic colleges abroad. 

Numerous restorative colleges abroad utilize the English language as the vehicle of instruction. It’s not required for understudies to get familiar with the neighborhood language of the nation to think about MBBS.