MBBS in Ukraine 2019

About MBBS in Ukraine 

If we talk about the development and education of Ukraine has gained a lot success around the world. It has some of the best medical colleges in the world. People from all around the world prefer to study here, and they prefer it because its safe and despite of so much language differ, students going there from around the world because at the institute they do not face any language issues. At the campus everyone uses same language English.

About Ukraine 

As a Soviet Republic, the official Ukrainian language was side lined by the Russian language. Ukraine’s parliament declared its independence in early December 1991.

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine and the largest city of Ukraine settled on the banks of Dnipro river population of about 3.76 million. About 29% of the population of Ukraine speaks Russian language. It’s one of the oldest cities of eastern Europe. Since 2011, Ukraine claims its full authorisation from Russian and spreads the education system well. As per the census of 2001, 54% of population received secondary education and 46% received higher education.

Temperature of kiev Ukraine in Winter & Summer.

The maximum range of temperature is 26° C during the day and 15° C at night during summer and

-2° C to -8° C during the winters.


·        Focus on imparting practical skills to the students.

·        Renowned teaching faculty with years of teaching experience.

·        Excellent quality education.

·        MBBS in Ukraine is recognized by major medical councils of the world.

·        Worldwide recognition of Ukrainian Medical Education.

·        English as the medium of instruction.

·        Students get to participate in regular seminars and symposia held in other European nations.

·        International students are permitted to take up 3 months summer job during vacations in countries like UK, Sweden, and other EU nations.

·        After completing studies, a student gets the chance of applying for permanent settlement in Ukraine or in other countries of Europe.

                                                 MBBS In Ukraine Eligibility 2019
Required documents for registration

Getting admission in a medical college in Ukraine is simple. The candidates are not required to take any test like TOEFL or IELTS. For confirmation in MBBS in Ukraine, the student must satisfy the accompanying criteria:

·        One set of photocopies of marks sheet of 10+2.

·        A valid passport (if you have).

·        2 photographs, size 3×4 cm, black and white on non-glossy paper.

·        Registration amount of Rs. 10,000 as draft/bank deposit/BMU App.

12th Science/A Level
PCB (Physics-Chemistry-Biology)
5.8 YearsSep 1st weekJuly & August


Prices for goods and services increased as the value of hryvnia, the local Ukrainian currency, dropped.

17 September 2015 Ukrainian Rada approved a rise in the official minimum of the costs of living from 1176 to 1330 hryvnia/month, and the minimum salary from 1218 to 1378 hryvnia/month. The changes will be implemented from 1 December 2015.

Accordingly, the minimum hourly wages changed from 7.29 to 8.25 hryvnia ($0.33 to $0.38 per hour).

Official minimum costs of living for different categories of people (per month):

  • Children 0-5 years old: 1167 hryvnia ($53)
  • Children 6-17: 1455 hryvnia ($67)
  • Adults 18+: 1374 hryvnia ($63)
  • Disabled: 1074 hryvnia ($49)

Advantage of MBBS in Ukraine 

·          Ukraine Medical Universities are recognised by MCI, WHO & UNESCO.

·       100% English Medium of Instruction in Ukraine.

·       Higher MCI passing Ratio.

·       IELTS or TOFEL  not required to study MBBS in Ukraine 2019.

·       Cost of Living is Very Low.

·       Students more than 100 Countries are studying in Ukraine.

·       NO donation or capitation fee for doing MBBS in Ukraine.

·       Ukraine Medical college have world class infrastructure, high end- technology & Modern Equipment’s.

Disadvantage of Doing MBBS in Ukraine 2019

·         Duration of Course is 6 Year (Georgia 5 year course).

·       Someday temperature goes below 0c outside (University & Hostels are central heated).

·       Cheating agents student are being given the wrong information by agent in India. So student should only contact those consultancy which has direct tie-up with the universities.