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We believe in providing impartial and fair advice that is not overly influenced by commercial interests. This means that we will not push a student towards a specific choice of institution just because it may be beneficial to us in some way. It is very important to us that the choice of institution and courses will meet YOUR needs.

Our program offers cutting-edge cross-disciplinary education by the Department of MBBS and Engineering,BDS and the easyAdmissions.

This exceptional combination allows students to enhance their technical background and gain the necessary business and management skills to advance their careers.

As a MBBS Coordinator, on behalf of easyAdmissions , I welcome you all who will choose this institute for undergraduate MBBS program. For

Better performance from the students, we have year coordinators for every year and in addition, there are mentors for every 10-15 students individually in every year. With this system of close monitoring, students are encouraged to discuss their academic progress in a hassle free friendly environment with their respected mentors.

At last with an effort shown by our efficient faculty members from basic medical sciences and clinical sciences, we are proud to establish
easyAdmissions as a center of academic excellence.

We believe in the principles of hard work, for which there is no compromise easyAdmissions

committed to the students, and every effort will be made to make them outstanding professionals, who may treat us someday! However, this is not possible without the commitment of the students and guardians. Sincerity and hard work is of paramount importance in being a successful, competent doctor in the future. we have students from different cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. Nevertheless, our institution gives every student equal opportunities to excel without any form of partiality.

With a mission to excel globally in dental education and oral health care, we are committed to explore new frontiers in these areas. The college is located at the heart of the sprawling worldclass campus with state of the art infrastructure such as new age class rooms, phantom head lab, health sciences library, world class hostels and indoor sports complex. To compliment this, the dental clinics are equipped with ultramodern dental chairs, cutting edge diagnostic gadgets and top class oral health care facilities. The college prides itself in having highly competent oral health professionals who are also erudite and dedicated teachers. The support staff are efficient and friendly.

Research and innovation are at the crux of academics and health care. The college has unique advantage of engaging in collaborative research with medical, engineering, life sciences and other colleges on the campus. Many of our faculty and students have innovated diagnostic and therapeutic tools and secured patents. College has won several accolades in the field of research and publications.

The Institute is the largest dental school in the UK dedicated solely to postgraduate education. It delivers among the widest range of postgraduate programmes of any dental school worldwide. The Institute has a record of producing successful graduates; many of its Alumni have gone on to become high-profile figures within the dental profession across the globe.