Study in South Africa

South Africa boasts both as the largest and the robust higher education system, which makes it an ideal place for international students to study in this country. The students from all across the world flock to South Africa to avail the world-class facilities while pursuing their chosen programs. In fact, some studies suggest South Africa as the most preferred destination for international students. It is ranked as the 11th most preferred destination by the students for higher studies. So, it is an educational hub apart from being the destination for leisure tours.

    South Africa at a Glance

    South Africa is located at the southern-most tip of the African continent apart from being known as the land of beauty and adventure. Thanks to its diverse landscape comprising of mountains, deserts, and forests along with the 3,000 kilometres of rocky coastline, which makes South Africa as the centre of attraction for many reasons. The wildlife native to this country is among the most innovative in the world ranging from dung beetles to whales. With its sunny and warm weather, it remains comfortable all across the year giving ample of time to enjoy outdoor activities. Besides, it is also called as the Rainbow Nation for several African ethnic groups along with their diverse cultures and creeds

    Why Study in South Africa ?

    South Africa is regarded as the next best study abroad places. The country has some of the best universities and excellent institutions. The African Business School in South Africa is the first to receive the AACSB accreditation. Only 5% of the world’s total business programs have received this accreditation and the B School from South Africa is one of them. Some of the South African Universities rank in the world’s top 200 rankings. This speaks volumes about the quality education giving away diverse programs covering a broad range of specialization. The country offers one of the best education with its world class universities in the entire African continent.

    Popular Universities & Courses

    Popular Universities

    1. Regenesys Business school, Johannesberg

    Popular Courses

    1. Master of Business Administration